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Quinoa Goddess Salad with Shrimps and Avocados

This spring I found a recipe in the 'Allerhande', a free magazine from the largest dutch luxury supermarket chain, Albert Heijn, inspired by a californian green goddess salad. Since then I've been cooking this frequently because I absolutely love it!
This week for the first time I actually made the original recipe, because usually I give my own twist to it, and it was great to eat the goddess again. Although I personally liked my own version with a different type of lettuce better... I will show you some pictures of that version the next time we'll be eating this superb salad again!
It is a whole meal kind of salad, no side dishes needed, but my husband likes some freshly baked (ok, baked-off, I don't have the time to bake bread during weekdays since we don't have a machine for it) with it.

It is kind of 'good weather food' but since I had my mind set on it, and groceries had already been done in better days, we ate it (and still enyoyed it) on a rainy day.
I really love quinoa, but with most of the recipes it is not to my husbands likings. This is one of the exceptions however, luckily for me because it became my 2015 favourite spring/summer meal.
I think it is the dressing that won my husbands hart over. The anchovis make it savory, there is some sweet from the mayonaise and sour from the lemonjuice but the combi with the chives and basil makes it a very special dressing that goes so well together with the shrimps and avocado. The texture of the dressing binds the quinoa together to give it a very nice sensation in your mouth.

I have just started blogging and I still have to find out how to make cathegories, but this one will end up in my old-time-favourite section for sure, so let's start!

Quinoa Goddess Salad with Shrimps and Avocados
Quinoasalade met avocado en garnalen
Allerhande 2015
Author unknown

Ingredients for 4p:
150g quinoa (black according to the original recipe, I've always used the regular version)
300ml vegetable stock
250g green peas
1 cucumber
Iceberglettuce sliced in fine pieces (I like it better with lambs lettuce)
4 anchovis
juice of 1/2 a lemon
4 spoons of mayonaise (which you can of course also easily make yourself when time is on your hand)
a big bundle of chives
2 hands full of basil leaves.
2 avocados
150g (or just a bunch) of peeled shrimps
salt & pepper

Boil quinoa in the vegetable stock for about 10 minutes with a closed lid. Put aside and let it cool down. Boil de green peas for 1-2 minutes and put in icewater or under cold running water untill it is cold again.
Peel and slice the cucumber in parts. Mix quinoa, lettuce, cucumber and green peas.

Finely slice the anchovis and mix it with the mayonaise and lemonjuice. Chop the chives and basil leaves. Mix half of the herbs in the anchovis-mayonaise. Add some pepper and salt if you wish.

Cut the avocados in small wedges. Put the salad in a bowl, dress up with the avocado and shrimps, add some of the dressing (give the rest on the side) and finish with the remaining herbs. Bon appetit!

Score: 5 out of 5
Tip: I think it's better with lambs lettuce, looks prettier as well.. Cooking the quinoa in a nice homecooked stock will make it so much tastier, you will hardly need any dressing if you want to have a slimmer salad.
Time: 20-30 minutes. Again, depending on your cutting-skills
Degree of difficulty: Easy
Amount of work vs waiting: High, you can do your cutting and gathering while you wake for your quinoa to cook and cool down.
Ideal for: Romantic dinner, family dinner, spring/summer meal, dinnerparty, lunch, salad

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